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Genre: Crime/Thriller


Title: A Chase After Wind


AUTHOR: Robert Fasone


The book begins with some backstory of the main character, Neil "Momma" Mia, a lieutenant with the NYPD. I found it crucial to the story.


The story takes place in New York and the NYPD vs The Mafia and Drug Cartel with a personal twist.


Mr. Fasone shows you his characters with well-written descriptions. The dialogue is well written and fits the characters. The book does have the occasional profane word, but it does belong which should not eliminate this book as a choice to read.


This book is reminiscent of Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade in the twenty-first century. I found it an interesting read. I did find one spot that as a reader was somewhat awkward, but not enough to detour me from finishing what I consider a good book. I would recommend this book for reading. I applaud Mr. Fasone on his first novel.


Reviewer: Bob Medak, Allbooks Reviews.


 Available at: Amazon.com


Title: A Chase After Wind

Author: Robert Fasone

Publisher: Publish America

ISBN: 1-4137-9350-9

Pages: 190

Price: $19.95